Hotel Grand Rouse at Remes Notre Dame

At the end of the first days skiing we had an excellent and very filling dinner, a great nights sleep and hearty breakfast before skiing up the Remes Valley to Refuge G.F.Benevolo.

Hotel Grande Rouse was specularly located

View up the valley from Rhemes Notre Dame

We had a misty start to the second day. The visibility varied during the day but finally closed in mid afternoon.

An inquisitive Ibex followed our progress up the valley

Mini Avalanche

During our ski up to the refuge we saw a number of small avalanches high above us. We also saw the remains of some earlier major avalanches. A reminder to us to stay clear of their possible path.

Outside of Refuge G.F.Benevolo

As the weather deteriorates the numbers of touring and mountaineering skis grow until the whole wall was littered with skis.

Part of Rhemes Valley

Bar and Coffee shop in G.F.Benevolo

For an Australian a cappuccino could never taste so good. Ski up into the mountains for half a day and at 2,300m come in out of the weather to this.

A filling and enjoyable meal in the refuge!

It just gets better. Beats cooking and eating in a tent in Australia.

Left to Right

David Hamilton (Leader), Andre and author David Walsh

Third day

Our group and another group skiing up towards Col de Tsanteleina on the French border the other side of Val d'Isere in deteriorating weather.

We arrived back in Aosta and enjoy the sights as we look for a place for lunch.

The weather forced us from the mountains down to the beautiful streets of Aosta

David Hamilton and Andre pass through the main square in Aosta.

The beautiful city of Aosta was good compensation for the trip being cut short.

Parting Meal.

We finished the trip with the Aosta speciality of Cheese Fondue.

Aosta Valley Trip Report


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