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View from top of Kitanomine slopes

Author with ski hosts at top of Kitanomine gondola

Pre breakfast view of Kitanomine slopes.

Most of the lifts were modern. There were two single seat chairs. Here is the cute link lift to take you from Kitanomine zone to Furano zone.

Kitanomine base building. Ground floor supermarket plus two restaurant levels. To the right is the gondola terminal station.

View of Kitanomine village.

View of downtown from Kitanomine area.

View downtown from breakfast room of Petite Hotel Suzuran

Ramen restaurant. This very small hotel with restaurant and ice cream shop downstairs, was one of my favourite eating places.

The restaurant upstairs here was also one of my favourites.

Had a fabulous great value meal at this downtown restaurant, even though they did not speak any English or have any English menu.

For New Years Eve we had a flare skiing display and spectacular fireworks.

Part of Kitanomine village.

Backcountry powder skiing in Daisetsuzan National Park.

More back country powder. This time out of the trees.

View from Daisetsuzan National Park across the valley to Furano ski area.

The author with Hokkaido Adventure Tours guide Hiroyuki

View of small town on way from Chitose to Furano.

One of the many farms in Hokkaido.

Shrine at Narita near Tokyo.

Street scene in Narita





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