I have only been able to get these clips to play when opening this page in MS Internet Explorer.

Because of the size of the files they may take 10 minutes to download even on broadband. You may find it more convenient to right click the link and save the clip to disk and play back later at your convenience.

There are two versions of the video clip.

The 20Mb higher quality VOB MPEG-2 file Click  Here for the VOB clip

The 25Mb lower quality mpg file Click Here for the mpg clip


The MPEG-2 CODEC (Decompression) for VOB files is not supplied standard free by Microsoft. Microsoft partners charge extra for this add-on. You need the MPEG-2 CODEC to play VOB (DVD) files. You may or may not have it installed on your computer.

If you open the link to the VOB file with Internet Explorer and your Media Player does not open or says it cannot play this file the most likely cause of the problem is that you do not have the MPEG-2 CODEC. Your choices then are either to play the mpg clip or install the MPEG-2 codec. You can download free CODEC's from this site www.free-codecs.com

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