Starting at Gjendesheim.

While the locals prepare for a ski race, we set off on the 18km ski accross the lake to Gjendebu

First Evening at Gjendebu

Breakfast at Gjendebu

Following the well marked easy stick trail

Dinning Room at Fondsbu

Unwardened but still very enjoyable hut at Olvasbu

At the unwardened hut at Olvasbuwell water had to be collected from a snow hole

Skiing up Nautgards

Skis off as we push to the summit of Galdhopiggen through unskiable rock and ice

The group huddle togeather on the Summit of Galdhopiggen in the wind and fog

Heading for the Summit of Glittertind

Approaching the summit of Glittertind.

Glittertind Summit

Better weather the day we went to the Summit of the second highest mountain in Scandinavia

Another view of the group on Glittertind

View from Glittertind

Compared to central Europe the mountains in Norway remind you of Australia. The altitude is about the same as the Australian Alps, the height is more even than central Europe and the shape is rounded like Australia.

Different view from Glittertind

Michael Coleman's birthday at Glitterheim

Easter Saturday Dinner Glitterheim

Unbelieveable Feast

DNT hut Gjendesheim start and finish of the trip

Jotunheimen trip report


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