Photo Diary of KE Adventure Out of Africa MTB Tour

Accommodation units at Momella Lodge

Trip started with hotel accommodation at Momella Lodge on the border of Arusha NP. The lodge was originally built to house the cast of Hatari.

Boys in Tree

As we rode along a bush track on the second day we thought we could see some large birds in this tree. Then one by one three boys stood up.

Maasai Encounter

It did not take long before we came across some Maasai men on the track and an opportunity for a group photo. As the trip progressed, meeting the Maasai became common place.

Learning to ride

We stopped at this more developed village to get some navigation assistance. Fascinated by our bikes so different to the Chinese bike available in Tanzania the local children begged to have a go.

Down River

After leaving the village this stream made a good navigation route for a few kilometres in an area where there were no jeep tracks.

Camp Arrival Day 2

Camp arrival in the Lake Natron game conservation area was all go. Bike maintenance and puncture repair was under way while the truck was being unpacked.

Camp Day 2

It did not take long before camp was set-up and the group was into showers and preparing for tomorrow before dark set in.

Alfresco Dinning

By the time camp was set-up and dinner cooked it was usually dark. Dinner was the main evenning entertainment for a group of tired and hungry bikers.

Welcome Break

The sun was out in vengeance by day three and we reached this market place at the top of a hill. A great opportunity for a cold drink before pushing on towards Arusha.

Simanjiro Game Controlled Area

On day four, after leaving Merserani Snake Farm it does not take long before we are on jeep tracks again.

Simanjiro Village

Nigel, Sarah, Iain and Roman stopped on the track near a remote village in the Simanjiro Game Controlled Area.

Tarangire Camp

Day four camp site on the Simanjiro Plain near Tarangire National Park

Afternoon rest stop at Makuyuni

Much appreciated cool drinks and rest before the rough dusty road towards camp

Fishing Village Lake Manyara

After leaving the road we ride along walking tracks towards the lake, passing through this village with fish drying in the sun

Camp Site Lake Manyara

West shore of Lake Manyara

Approaching the far shore of Lake Manyara with the escarpment in the background. Tonight we will camp at the base of the escarpment and tomorrow we will ride up onto the top.

Almost there

View back towards Lake Manyara as we climb up onto the escarpment

Up on the Escarpment

We came across these men saw milling the hard way

What goes up must come down

But look at the thorns on those bushes

What's This?

Another amazing sight on the ride. No they are not photographing a piece of rope, it is millions of insects working their way across the road

Water any which way

The camp for day eight was in a great secluded spot close to Lake Eysai and near a water gathering source. As well as donkeys and people carrying on their head in the picture where was water on bicycles and hand carts in a constant parade near our camp

Back on the plains

Matt, Sarah, Iain and Nigel

Another puncture stop

At least this time there was a heck of a tree and a bit of shade

Village Group Photo

North of Lake Manyara not far from Mto wa Mbu

see the report on the village encounter

Chief's Family

I believe that this is a family photo of the chief's family with the chief on the right holding the staff

Author in Village

Here is a tired and grubby author rider with the woman I met on the roadside outside the village. I believe that she was the chief's wife. The chief took the photo and gave me his staff to hold.

Last Camp Site

As we approached the last camp site on the last day of riding, we saw a heard of giraffe at the site. They moved on as we approached. Here Nigel and Sarah watch the giraffe move on.

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